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General Details

In the current era, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. Mobile phones are not only used for basic communication, but also for accessing information on the web, playing games and to shop products online. With development in technology and increasing number smart phone users clearly show that there is a rapid increase in demand for mobile apps.

Understanding Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is basically a term which is used to denote the act or process through which application software is developed for different handheld devices. Such applications can be pre-installed on the smartphones during the manufacturing platforms, or may be delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing.

Lifecycle of Mobile Application Development

Building mobile applications can be an easy job sometimes, but at the same time it can even be a complex job. Designing a complex mobile app can involve a process which demands rigorous up-front design, testing usability, QA testing on many devices, a full beta lifecycle, and then the deployment in a number of different ways.

The lifecycle of mobile app development usually has 5 major steps in the process, take a look:

1. Inception
Every app starts with a new and unique idea, which is usually refined into a solid basis for an application.
2. Design
In this phase defining the app’s User Experience (UX) takes place. This is basically the general layout and how it works, etc. It also includes turning that UX into a proper User Interface (UI) design, mainly with the help of a graphic designer.
3. Development
This is the most resource intensive phase as this is the actual building of the application.
4. Stabilization
Post the development is more or less in the completion stage, the QA usually starts to test the application and fixes the bugs. Sometimes an application goes into a limited beta phase in which a selected user audience are given a chance to use it and provide feedback.
4. Deployment
This is the final stage post testing is completed when the application is delivered to the real users.

Different Types of Mobile Application Development

• Android App Development
• iPhone App Development
• iPad App Development
• Windows Mobile App Development
• Blackberry App Development
• HTML 5 App Development

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